Why Do Certifications Like GOTS And Fairtrade Matter?

Why Do Certifications Like GOTS And Fairtrade Matter?

You may have noticed the small Fairtrade logo on your favourite box of teabags or chocolate and or seen GOTS mentioned on our website and you would be totally valid in wondering- what actually are GOTS and Fairtrade? And why should I care?

Fairtrade and GOTS (the Global Organic Textile Standard) are both organisations that provide certifications to products and companies that meet their strict requirements for responsible practices that are beneficial socially and environmentally. 


What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is an organisation and Fair Trade is the term for the movement (yes, it is a little confusing), but essentially they believe in working towards the same thing - supporting farmers and workers to receive fair pay, safe working conditions and ensure they are able to stand up for their labour rights. Being Fairtrade certified means that those making our products are being treated fairly and with dignity across the whole supply chain.


What is GOTS?

GOTS is the global leading textile processing standard for organic fibres specifically. And in our case that’s our organic cotton- Cottsbury’s raison d'être- our main purpose. It makes sure every process from the fibres grown, processed and garments made adhere to their strict ecological, toxicological and social guidelines. 

The Global Organic Textile Standard ensures no use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and GMO seeds, which benefits farmers handling the products and the environment, promoting biodiversity and making sure less chemicals go back into our ecosystems. Read more about why organic cotton is our obsession on our blog post here.

Why are these so important- aren’t most people paid fairly and things made responsibly anyway? Isn't organic, just organic?

In a nutshell- no. In our modern, globalised world, supply chains have become overwhelmingly complicated. 

With increased demand for things like tea, coffee, chocolate and cotton (things that can only be grown in certain climates and countries) workers across the world are too easily taken advantage of in the pursuit of cheap labour and products. 

Our co-founder Ruchi was inspired to start Cottsbury after visiting factories around the world for some of fashion’s biggest sports brands. The reality of what she saw was her motivation to make a difference.

Factories are under no obligation to pay fair wages, with only 1% of major fashion brands being able to prove they are paying livable wages. Producers are under no obligation to grow, process and create fabrics responsibly and often will cut corners to make a profit. Even if a producer says they’re organic, there is no way to prove this without independently auditing, reviewing and certification. 

With green-washing being rife across the industry, it’s important to verify claims that are being made and these globally recognised certifications are a primary way to do this. 

What impact do these certifications make? 

When a brand is GOTS certified or Fairtrade certified, this means that you can be safe in the knowledge that your products have been made without exploitation of the environment and of the people who make them. 

At Cottsbury, both our farm and factory are Fairtrade certified, upholding fair production standards, practices, decent working conditions and ensuring fair prices and pay to workers.

All our products are also Global Textile Standard certified, so they are made from responsible resources, with no nasty chemicals and the end result is a product that is better for people, planet and you!

And why should we care?

Environmental and social certifications give you a sense of peace with the products you bring into your lives. 

Not only do they reassure you that for example the minimum requirements of fair labour practices are upheld (like no child labour for example), but they actively enhance the lives and environments that they cover.

Every purchase you make makes a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

Your pocket holds so much power and really can make a positive difference. Join us and support marginalised producers and stand for ecologically responsible production with Cottbsury.

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