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Our Story

At Cottsbury, we’ve had enough of obscure ingredients lists, toxic chemicals and opaque supply chains. We believe your everyday items should not cause harm and should actively improve your life.

After travelling the world’s factories for some of fashion’s largest sportswear brands and caring for a new-born baby, I could no longer ignore what was staring me in the face.

I couldn't trust that the dyes used in making the fabric were not toxic.

I couldn’t confirm that the people making the clothes weren't there through forced labour or that children were not involved in the supply chain.

I couldn’t prove that the materials labelled as natural were not filled with harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

That’s when I discovered organic cotton and like that, Cottsbury was born. With my brother Rachit in the UK who started drafting a business plan, I set about exploring and discovering GOTs certified farms and factories across my native country of India and the rest is history. 

Welcome to the Cottsbury family!

With love,

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Our Mission

At Cottsbury, our mission is to create products that will take care of you, while you take care of your dreams. Inspired by nature and with decades of industry expertise, we are committed to making organic cotton products that not only enhance your life, but also protect and uplift our global community.

How We Do It


The reason we are so confident in our products is because we know where, when and how everything has been made. We share our processes and practices because we are proud of them.

Respect & Reverence

To nature, to makers, to our bodies and our minds. Our products will never contain nasty ingredients and we will always actively take care of our makers and our community.


We know you want to live a life that is truly your best and we think our products should reflect that. You wont accept anything less than the best and we won’t either. 

As a new brand, we're making a commitment to establish ourselves as the go-to organic cotton brand in the UK & International markets and expand to a B2B model.

If you can help us in the any of these areas, please email ruchi@cottsbury.com.

We'd love to hear from you.

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