The Ultimate Guide To Natural Bedding: Why Not All Bedding Is Made Equal

The Ultimate Guide To Natural Bedding: Why Not All Bedding Is Made Equal

We all know what a difference a good night’s sleep can make to our overall well-being and peace of mind. Did you know that the bed linens you choose can play a big part in the quality of your sleep? In this blog we bust some common myths about bedding and show you why organic cotton duvet covers and sheets can help you in so many more ways than you would think!

The Search for Better Bedding

When we’re young, our primary motivation when buying bedding is probably- ‘is it trendy?’ and ‘is it cheap’? We tend to be able to fall asleep easily and anywhere, and our bedding is the last thing on our mind.

As we (gracefully) get older and the stresses and responsibilities of the ‘real’ world start to pile up, sleep becomes more of a concern. Are we getting enough? Are we too hot at night, too cold, too sticky? 

So we start to look at bedding that's a bit higher quality. And one of the first things we often think about when we want good sheets is thread count.


What is a Thread Count?

A fabric’s thread count is the amount of threads woven into one square inch of material. It basically means how densely the threads are woven together.

It is often used as a sign of the 'best bedding you can buy'- an indicator of the luxury and softness you can expect. Egyptian cotton for example which is often described as a luxury product is 300-400 thread count. 


The Thread Count Myth 

So the higher the thread count, the higher quality the bedding- right?  Not necessarily…You see, it might not matter as much as you think. 

It is more a case of quality over quantity. Higher thread count means finer yarns, which can lead to weakness in the fabric itself and can often be made from lower quality yarns, disguised by the higher thread count as marketing tactic.

It's actually the weave and the length of the yarn that can make a big difference to the quality of the sheet. Long-staple cotton ensures a smooth and durable finish and weaves like Sateen or Satin ensure strength. 

It’s a combination; a good thread count, a long- staple cotton yarn and a weave type like Sateen that work together to ensure the best and most comfortable bedding. Oh and let's not forget the actual fibre itself... the Cotton.


Benefits of Organic Cotton Bedding

Our natural bed sheets are made out of 100% Organic Cotton, Sateen weave and have a thread count of 300. You can read more about the amazing sustainability credentials that organic cotton has here, but it's also perfect for people with allergies or are sensitive to certain chemicals.

Organic cotton’s lack of toxic chemicals and dyes and our special sateen weave, which doesn’t aggravate sensitive hair follicles or skin, makes our bedding incredibly gentle and silky smooth.

If you want to look after your body, your bedding is a good place to start.

Certified Ethical Bed Linens

All of our bedding is made from 100% GOTS certified and Fairtrade organic cotton, so you can rest easy that your natural bedding played a part in making a fairer, more ecologically responsible world.

So now you know what to look for, explore our finest luxury organic cotton bedding collections now and see for yourself.